Nationals trying to acquire Nyjer Morgan [update]

Looking to improve their outfield defense, the Nationals are trying to acquire Pirates outfielder Nyjer Morgan, according to a baseball source.

The Nationals see Morgan as a center fielder/leadoff hitter. The Nationals also like his hockey attitude. He once played with the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League during the 1999-2000 season.

Currently, Morgan is playing left field and batting second for Pittsburgh. Entering Saturday’s action, Morgan is hitting .267 with two home runs, 27 RBIs and 18 stolen bases.

“It is most definitely [flattering that another team wants me] because it means that I opened up some other team’s eyes and they think that I can help out their organization, too,” Morgan said. “But I really can’t worry about that. I can only worry about what I can take care of here with the Buccos.”

Published reports indicated that Washington is willing to part with outfielder Lastings Milledge, who is currently playing in the Gulf Coast League. But the Pirates don’t need another outfielder. They are looking for a starting pitcher or a middle infielder in return.
Right-hander Craig Stammen’s name has been mentioned in trade talks, but it seems unlikely that he will be dealt. He is considered a major part of a young rotation that includes John Lannan and Jordan Zimmermann.

Don’t look for middle infielders such Alberto Gonzalez or Danny Espinosa to be dealt, but second baseman Anderson Hernandez could be part of the deal. Another source said that the Nationals are going to look for a second baseman after the season.

Morgan is the not the only outfielder the Nationals are looking at. They have interest in Braves outfielder Jordan Schafer. He began the season as Atlanta’s everyday center fielder, but was sent down after the team acquired Nate McLouth from the Pirates.

The Nationals have been unhappy with their outfielders for quite some time. They have come to the come to the conclusion that Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham belong in the American League as designated hitters and Elijah Dukes makes too many mental mistakes.

Only Willie Harris and Austin Kearns have played solid defense, but they are not part of the team’s long-term plans.          


I am more or less in favor of these possibilities.

I would definitely part with Kearns, as it just has not worked out in DC. Perhaps somewhere else he will thrive.

If the team is giving up on Milledge, Willingham, and Dukes, there is at least a little interest from other teams – perhaps the Nats can acquire a bullpen arm to help them out.

If the team trades Nick Johnson this year, then Dunn can play first base full-time, and can be traded either in the offseason or next year by the trading deadline. He would bring a solid return.

With all this being said, what about Justin Maxwell? It doesn’t appear the team is giving him much of a shot. He has been up and down during his stops in the bigs. Just let him play out the year, and see what he can do…

I feel the same way about Maxwell and Bernidina. Why the he** have they have let Millage, Dukes, and Kerns waste playing time. What the F**k have Max. & Bern. done to be short changed. I guess they don’t make enough money to be given an extended shot. It’s no accident that Zimmerman is batting like he his with Dunn in the lineup. He will get you more runs up and down the order then he will give up in the field. Don’t bail on that part of the plan.

I don’t see how the Nats could be interested in parting with Willingham. They need to give him more of a chance. Dunn, I agree, is a DH and should be in the AL. Agree too that Justin Maxwell should be brought along in a better fashion. He hasn’t been hitting, but the kid has a very nice glove. He never stays around long enough to improve at the plate. Kearns has a good glove, but he’s been knocking around the Majors for years and his batting average is trending downward. He just can’t seem to pull it together.

Schafer was not sent down because of McLouth, he was sent down because he totally blows and couldn’t hit.

ok, get nygem morgan, but do not let willingham or dunn go!! willingham can do the job, if you give him a chance.

As much as I love nick johnson, he is expendable for middle relief or closers at the end of July or earlier. Put Dunn at 1st base.

Let Kearns go….why does it take the Nats soooo long to get rid of dead weight?? It took a long time to get rid of the lack of hustle Lopez, and Kearns needs to go too. Milledge is a head case and should go with Kearns.

Keep willie harris too, he is versatile to the max, just like jamie carroll was.

Gonzales, Hernandez, and Guzman…three players for two positions. Keep Guzman and Gonzalez.

It’s all about pitching….middle relief and a closer!!!!

Jordan was not sent down for McLouth, more the other way around. Nate was acquired after Schafer struggled to start the season. It was obvious that Schafer needed some more refining, so he was sent down so he’ll be better next year when Garrett Anderson (and quite possibly Francouer) are no longer occupying spots in the OF. They’ll be plenty of room for him.

But I can’t say I wouldn’t mind Dunn being a Brave

For those of you who are crying about Bernadina and Maxwell; Bernadina WAS the everyday CF after Lastings was sent down….he broke his ankle at home against the Florida Marlins and probably will be out the remainder of the year. Maxwell was also given an opportunity, but blew it at the plate.

BTW…..Please Nationals, DO NOT TRADE OUR YOUNG PITCHERS! We need MORE pitching….NOT LESS! We already traded one prospect for that guy Kensing who lasted about two minutes here. That was such a waste! Build this team like the 90’s Braves….Pitching, Pitching, and MORE Pitching!

Did not Willie Harris sign a two year deal at the start of this season? Maybe he won’t be here for ten years but name someone on the club who does a better job of leading by example. There should always be room for a player like that on the Nats.

If this post is correct, than the Nats’ brain trust (old regime possibly) was even more inept than we thought. Both Dunn and Willingham have been in the NL for a number of years…they are a given commodity…it cannot just be discovered that neither were plus outfielders…

Also, if I have to watch Ronnie Belliard or Austin Kearns overswing with men on base just to ground out, I may have to commit hari kari…

And, sorry, but why shouldn’t we be giving Willie Harris more of a chance…he has been about the best player (and certainly best OF) the Nats have put on the field in a while…

If we make a play for Morgan, than we need to find another big stick (or keep Dunn)…to protect Zim…if Dunn goes and Dukes continues to struggle, poor Zim wont get anything to hit.

why the heck r the nats trying to get morgan!? he sux at offense! he is great at defense, but so is justin maxwell! give the kid a shot!

why the heck r the nats trying to get morgan!? he sux at offense! he is great at defense, but so is justin maxwell! give the kid a shot!

Gee Sully, You must be an F’ing genius. We’ve only been talking about Bernadina’s injury and Maxwell’s non-hitting for three months. But thanks for your input. Bernadina and Maxwell are the closest things we have for the future that look like real outfielders. Why have they given so many at bats to Kerns and Belliard. Kerns has burned three years of wasted at bats that could have gone to Dukes or anyone in the organization. That one player as well as Hannrahan have retarded the growth of this team at the two positions, Big Time. Speaking of sucking. Millage would be a waste of time to bring back. He had his chance (though in the wrong position) and sucked in the field, played at 75%, always had excuses, and couldn’t hit consistantly leading off or anywhere else you put him. He has talent but he is the Nat’s Clinton Portis. For them there is an “I” in team.

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