Acta not willing to sacrifice offense for defense right now

The reason the Nationals won two games against the Yankees this week was because manager Manny Acta sacrificed hitting for defense.

For example, instead of playing Adam Dunn and Elijah Dukes in the outfield on Thursday, Acta inserted Willie Harris and Austin Kearns into the lineup. Harris and Kearns made great plays to snuff out Yankee rallies.

Now that Washington is back at Nationals Park, Acta is unwilling to sacrifice offense for defense, so one can expect to see Dunn and Dukes back in the outfield. Acta pointed out that the team needs to score runs to win games.

“We haven’t been scoring runs as of late,” Acta said. “The offense hasn’t been the same offense that we had a month or so ago.”

The Nationals are trying their best to address the problems on defense. They are looking for a center fielder. Is Justin Maxwell the answer? He is great with the glove, but he needs to be more consistent with the bat.

The Nationals may need to look for a shortstop. Cristian Guzman has lost a lot of range at the position. It may be best to trade Guzman while his stock is high.

Dunn is a great hitter, but it appears he is a better first baseman than an outfielder. That’s why Washington needs to trade Nick Johnson for some prospects.

For different reasons, the Nationals are going to look for a second baseman this offseason.  Members of the “Think Tank” don’t believe Anderson Hernandez is the answer at the position because of his bat.

If Orlando Hudson becomes a free agent after this season, look for the Nationals to go after him.      


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