An update on Nick Johnson

Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson has not been traded. He was a last-minute scratch from Sunday’s lineup because of stomach discomfort. Johnson was scheduled to bat second, but Adam Dunn ended up play first base.

The announcement about the lineup change was not made until after right-hander Shairon Martis threw the first pitch.

“He had some bad stomach pains last night,” manager Manny Acta said. “And then he showed up today with the same symptoms. We took him to the doctor to run some tests on him. The doctor found everything to be OK.”        



For a moment I thought he was traded..or HURT…to learn his(last minute) absence was due to a “minor” stomach discomfort…Just goes to show the uncertainty of times….thinking for amoment that a trade should be considered sooner than later…if a tempting-enough offer is made…..On to Mets stadium tomorrow where he should play…and seen by the Mets who happen to looking for a 1st baseman….sorry he’s not available for only a regular player in return they may only offer…..we’ll see….

They should trade him, we need pitching! heck ower linup is pritty stacked

The case of Nick Johnson is a perfect example of why it is not easy to be a general manager. He is the consummate professional and someone who I fully respect as a player. When healthy, he’s definitely a contributing member of any ball club. Might like a more consistently high slugging average out of a first baseman but one can’t overlook a .400 career slugging average and solid-to-excellent defense. And certainly Nick has several good years left in him if he can stay healthy. In the short run, replacing Nick with Kearns in the everyday starting lineup is no even trade. In developing a team, however, it’s always best to trade when a player’s value is high and that’s the case with Nick now. Do you use him to get an excellent young reliever or second baseman or offer a multi-year contract and make Marrero prove that he deserves to replace him in a couple of years? An early test for Rizzo, and one that I do not envy him for, though I do think it is critical that Johnson is either moved soon or signed.

A typo on my previous post. Should read “a .400 career on-base average.”

If Washington trades Nick, that’ll be another bad move from the managment, if not the worst. Nick is a great baseball player, both offensively and defensively, and he wouldn’t bring any value because of his injury track and besides, he’s still young.
What the Nats need actually, is good defensive players like nick and reliable relievers, which they could only get via the market or their farm system.
I think with the offense they have and their young starting rotation, they can make a lot of damage in the future, provided they won’t make stupid moves. It’s about time for the Nats to keep their talented players to form a contending team in the near future.
Go Nats!

Trading Nick would be a horrible move. Players that carry themselves like Nick don’t come along very often. Wait until the off season and get any pitching holes filled through free agency, Strausberg and trading the 9th pick. Take the rest of the season and see what the organization has in its own system. You need to let the better players you have now time to gel. You will have a team that is not only competative but also a contender.

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