Willingham, Kearns continue to split time in outfield

Nationals sluggers Josh Willingham and Austin Kearns have been battling for playing time in the outfield all season. So far, it looks like Willingham is winning the battle — at least for the month of May. 

Willingham has started eight-straight games in left field and is hitting .260 with five home runs and seven RBIs this month.

Kearns missed time because of a left hand injury, but once he recovered, Kearns has remained on the bench. Kearns has a .190 batting average with four RBIs during the month of May.

In the meantime, manager Manny Acta has yet to decide who will play every day between the two players.

“Don’t try to make a story out of this,” Acta said. “We are going to continue to give both guys playing time. Until one of those guys takes off and makes me put him in the lineup every single day, they are going to split time.”   


Manny has got to make a decision. That’s what managers do, I think. Well, that’s what I heard. You can’t be everybody’s friend. Kearns is a great team guy. Also, he just happens tob be a good friend of Adam Dunn. But he isn’t bringing anything to the picnic.
Willinghan has proven when he plays consistantly his basket is packed. This is about winning games and not popularity contest. Kearns is making a lot of money and they want to get their money’s worth but it aint happening.

with dukes on the DL and maxwell struggleling at the plate i think the nats should call up Corey Patterson to play CF, patterson is improving at the plate in the minors(.143 average in 21 AB, .217 in 92 AB) patterson can steal.

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