Saturday's lineup against Phillies

Cristian Guzman – SS

Nick Johnson – 1B

Ryan Zimmerman – 3B

Adam Dunn – RF

Josh Willingham – LF

Josh Bard – C

Willie Harris – CF

Anderson Hernandez – 2B

Scott Olsen – P

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This really isn’t a comment on today’s lineup, which is pretty much as expected except for RF and LF (I expected Kearns and Dunn, respectively). Instead, it’s a suggestion.

Our Nats need nicknames. We should have a place to recommend some. Some that spring to mind are as follows:

John “Old School” Lannan. His look reminds me of the pictures of baseball players on old cigarette cards c. 1906.

Anderson “Chicken Legs” Hernandez. Surely you’ve noticed that thing he does with his knees before every pitch.

Willie “Spark Plug” Harris. For obvious reasons.

Adam “Big Galoot” Dunn. Again, obvious.

Scott “The Kid” Olson. Did he lie about his age so he could enter into a contract?

I really like Charlie Slowes’ and Dave Jaegeler’s nickname for Austin Kearns, “The Mighty Kearns.”

I will forego my suggestions for our relief staff, most of which would be unprintable in any event.

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