Lopez happy since leaving Nationals

Diamondbacks second baseman Felipe Lopez has been productive with the bat ever since he was released by the Nationals on July 31 2008.

Lopez went to the Cardinals in August of that year, hitting .377 and played a lot of positions for manager Tony LaRussa, including left field and first base After the season, Lopez signed with the Diamondbacks and was hitting .303 with three home runs and seven RBIs entering Friday’s action.

Lopez credits LaRussa for turning his career around. He went so far as to call LaRussa the best manager he ever played for. 

“He is really a professional. I never played for a manager who gets the most out of players just by talking to you,” Lopez said. “It was weird. It was like he was a major in psychology or something. He is the man.

“Being around guys like Albert Pujols, really the whole team, they are all about winning. There is none of this negative stuff of who is going to start or this negative stuff that I was experiencing in Washington.”          

Nationals manager Manny Acta declined to talk about Lopez in detail.

“I have no idea why [he wasn’t productive for the Nationals],” Acta said. “We played him and we tried our best. He is doing real well right now. I wish him well — him and his family. I’m happy with the way Anderson Hernandez is playing.”                     


As I recall from the press coverage of Mr. Lopez, he was largely the source of the negativity that surrounded his tenure in DC. He wasn’t producing at the bat or on the field and his attitude clearly was poor – I went to one game and witnessed his his just standing like a statue when a routine ground ball that should have been an out went right past him without even an effort being made to pretend to try for it. The fact that he looks back on his DC days and points to negativity is a further sign of his low class. Manny’s response, in contrast, was dignified and restrained – I admire him for it.

Not only has FLop been happy since he left, so have I. I’ve never seen a player play with less enthusiasm than Flop. He was a master of getting out with players on. Is it any wonder that he has one walk-off hit in pitiful his career? Pretty sad to get cut from the worse team in baseball. I can’t wait for the bum to come to town so I can walk down behind the visitors dugout and let the baby know how I feel. I also will let him know that he owes me money for paying to watch his poor-excuse-for-a-ball-player-b*tch-a** play. He can take a swing at me, but since he will be in DC I’m sure he’ll miss.

I think that Felipe should be ashamed of himself. While he may not have liked playing for the Nationals, he is a professional, and has a responsibililty to play his best for those who pay his salary. When he played for us, he may have been the worst Major League ballplayer I ever saw. I was enraged to see how little he tried, and, consequently, how poorly he played, often costing his team games. I am even more enraged to see him playing well now, showing that his performance in DC was not due to a lack of ability. I still can’t understand why Manny played him so often.

Mr. Lopez’ comment reported in today Washington Post that “he worked harder” after leaving the Nationals for St. Louis, a winning team speak volumes inability to be a team player. Perhaps if he worked harder when he was with the Nat’s he may have been able to contribute more to the team and his former teammates strive to be a winning team. The nickname FLOP is approriate.

What a piece of garbage he is. He obviously has no heart, nor does he have any love or respect for the game. Thank God they cut him. It wasn’t soon enough.

I’m glad FLop is happy. It makes me happy to see him not hussle home and get thrown out on a one-hopper to rightfield. I was ecstatic to see him not run out a ground ball which allowed Adam Dunn to drop the ball and recover in time to get the out.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. FLop may have a better batting average, but he’s still a pathetic excuse for a ballplayer. Cheers Mr. Lopez. I hope you enjoy playing for one of the few teams in baseball that will have more losses than the Nationals this year. For Arizona’s sake I hope you enjoy it. We’ve already seen what happens when you’re not “enjoying yourself”. Crybaby.

Lopez failed to run out a ground ball in this game (this happened many times while he was with the Nats). I also don’t think his baserunning on the spectacular Kearns-Flores play was anything for him to brag about. He is a man with an attitude problem, and he richly deserved to be shipped out by the Nats. Kudos to Manny Acta for his classy, restrained explanation of Lopez’s failure.

As I watched the game Saturday night I remember why the Nats didn’t need Lopez. As stated in the movie Bull Durham, he’s a lallygager!!!. He trotted to 1st base and got called out even after Dunn dropped the ball; Kearns/Flores teamed up and got him out at home on a ball hit long enough that a catcher could have scored from 3rd base. We didn’t and don’t need his negativity. Go Nats!!!!

Lopez has no excuse for the way he played with Washington. I really REALLY wish he fails in Arizona. I have no idea why they bring Joel Hanrahan in to face FLOP just so he could drill him in the face with a 98MPH heater.

There’s really only one good think about Felipe Lopez:


And from the news I read, that was the source of his problems in DC. I assume things are patched up and she’s keeping him happy again, but it’s a certainly things will flare up again and he’ll revert back to the Felipe Lopez we knew here.

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