Sony Pictures watching Nationals

On Wednesday afternoon, representatives from Sony Pictures came to watch the Nationals at work at Dodger Stadium. It turns out that James L.  Brooks is making a romatic comedy about a Nationals relief pitcher. The relief pitcher is being played by Owen Wilson, according to a Nationals spokesman.    


How good is Owen Wilson? We could use some good relief!

does anybody know which relief pitchr do you think they will use?
When does the movie come out?
And who the hell in Owen Wilson

He was in the movie, “I Spy,” with Eddie Murphy.

That’s kind of exciting! Hopefully they’ll be cameo’s from the best of the Nats bullpen…the few that they are. Surely it’ll probably make the Bullpen look better than it already does….at least Owen Wilson is funny! Nonetheless, it’ll be a good movie.

By the way, I believe it’s planned to come out this december….and it is still untitled.

The Nats hitting can only get better. What a change from last yea! The pitching can only get worse. Maybe we should boycott the games until the front office puts together a real reliever staff on the roster. What’s the point in watching a team with the worst pitching in MLB. Even when our hitters excel, the pitching still gives it away.

Instead of signing the ‘has-beens’ and ‘never done it yets’, why not use the money saved in not signing Mark Teixeria by signing a Pedro Martinez. He’d do wonders for the bull-pen, or the starting rotation.

Lets salvage the season, before we all turn away.

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