Belliard late for work, scratched from lineup

Nationals second baseman Ronnie Belliard was scheduled to bat sixth and play second base on Saturday against the Cardinals, but he was scratched because he was late for work.

Belliard wasn’t on time because he overslept. However, manager Manny Acta said he will not hold it against Belliard because the latter has been a solid citizen the last two-plus years in Washington.

“Rules are Rules,” Acta said. “He was apologetic about it. He has gone through what everybody else has gone through, but no hard feelings because he has been a solid citizen on and off the field for us.” 

This is the second time a Nationals player has been tardy this season. On April 18, right fielder Elijah Dukes was scratched from the starting lineup against the Marlins and fined $500 for being five minutes late for work.

Dukes was late because he was signing autographs at a Little League function that was not sponsored by the Nationals. 


This team is out of control…No one wants to play for them. And do you blame them?

Has Manny Acta lost his team ?

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