Acta: Nats miss Cordero, Rauch

From 2005 to 2008, the bullpen was the least of the Nationals’ worries. They had Jon Rauch as the eighth-inning setup man, while Chad Cordero would pick up the saves. They were workhorses and never afraid to enter a game with the winning run on base.  

The Nationals don’t have that luxury right now, for they are no longer on the team. Cordero became a free agent after the 2008 season and vowed not to come back because then-general manager Jim Bowden was still a member of the organization. It was Bowden who traded Rauch to the Diamondbacks for infielder Emilio Bonifacio on July 22, 2008.

With Cordero and Rauch gone, the Nationals’ bullpen is one of the worst in baseball. Entering Friday’s action, it has a 5.40 ERA. They have already used 11 relievers this season, including two closers.

Manager Manny Acta said he didn’t know how much Cordero and Rauch would be missed until now.

“I’m finding out right now how tough life is without them,” Acta said. “That was our strength the last three years. We worried about getting enough starting pitching and putting together some middle innings.

“Cordero was on top of his game, [with Rauch], the eighth inning was money in the bank. Whenever Cordero got hurt, Rauch stepped in and did a very fine job. It’s not easy to substitute two guys like that in the back of our bullpen. We thought we were going to get over it, but it hasn’t been as easy.”


Well Chad is still out there, they could always resign him.

Didn’t Cordero sign a minor league with the Mariners?

He signed with the Mariners during Spring Training.

pretty sure cordero is still recovering from his surgery and may not even be able to pitch until next season.

Chad Cordero can’t play this season in the Major League. Trading Jon Rauch away was definitely a mistake made by Jim Bowden. If Jon Rauch were our closer this season the Nats would not be in this situation that they are in.

Jim Bowden traded a superb pitcher in Jon Rauch for Emilio Bonafacio who Bowden then traded in the offseason for an unneeded mediocre outfielder and a pitcher who smokes….WHAT WAS THE POINT OF TRADING RAUCH AGAIN????? F-U Bowden you f’n moron! The front office is whacked!

The first part of getting better is to admit the mistake your team has made. Now you need to but out the $$$ and get a few MAJOR LEAGUE pitchers to take the pressure fo these kids. It will also put some bodies in the seats.

Have you looked at Rauch’s numbers? 9.2 IP 15 Hits 10 R 10 ER 5BBs 5Ks 9.31 ERA. Trading Rauch for Bonifacio and trading him for Willingham and Olsen was a great coup. Rauch was a problem in the clubhouse. The Diamondbacks are trying to get rid of him.

That will keep Actas job.

The problem with the Nat’s starters and relievers besides not throwing enough strikes over the plate is they don’t work fast enough. Jordan Zimmerman in his first couple of games was doing a great job at that but in watching last nights game against the Cards his pace slowed down. Batters have to be kept off balance, you can’t let them get too comfortable in the batters box. When Jordan threw that home run ball to Pujols in the first inning, Albert was set and had the tongue thing of his going and was ready to wack the next offering. He’s a great hitter but you don’t want him to get too comfortable. Flores and the others that catch need to make sure to keep the tempo up, call for the pitch and go at it. Another thing that might help is altering windups. Batters concentrate on watching for the point of delivery, anything to disrupt their timing is a big problem for them. I’d also like to mention that Jordan Zimmerman physically at least to me reminds me of old pictures of Christy Mathewson and he wasn’t too bad of a pitcher in his time.

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