Shell becomes free agent; Ledezma stays with Nats

A little over a week after the Nationals designated them for assignment, right-hander Steven Shell has decided to become a free agent, while left-hander Wil Ledezma elected to remain with the club and be outrighted to Syracuse.

Shell, who gave up three runs in five innings, wanted a long-term opportunity elsewhere and wanted to throw from the windup to increase his velocity, according to Shell’s agent, Steve Canter.

Ledezma was not successful on the mound either. He gave up six earned runs in 5 1/3 innings. He struck out eight batters and walked four.    


Shell is a good guy and a better pitcher than the nats would let him be. I expect that he will do well on whatever team gets him. The nats seem to squash talent some how because guys that get traded for poor performance seem to exel on other teams

May be it’s time that the nats look at Management and coaching.Steven Shell will do better that ever as soon as he gets away from that so called pitching staff.Thats just like management to put the blame on the players.Lead by example it starts at the top.Poor leadership leads to poor performance.GOOD LUCK STEVEN.

Shell never impressed me all that favorably. I have trouble imagining him as anything other than a middle-inning mop-up man. Wil Ledezma, on the other hand, seemed rather promising. Indeed, I might not have sent him down in the Great Bullpen Purge last week; I don’t think we gave him a proper chance.

While I find the comments above by “icdumbpeoples2” (probably while gazing into a mirror) mostly childishly insulting and way off-base, I think he’s right about Schroder — we NEVER should have let go a guy with the kind of stuff he throws — but DEFINITELY wrong about Hernandez, who is a proper major leaguer who lately has been playing VERY hurt. People who judge him on his performance since coming back WAY too early off the DL aren’t being fair.

But Harris has been hurt, and Belliard seems to have lost a step and maybe a bit of his visual acuity as well — it happens when you get old.

And I also agree about Manny Acta — maybe he’s just not cut out to be a major league manager, at least not yet. I mean, I really LIKE the guy. He is an intelligent, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, generous man with a good heart and a good spirit. I would be happy to have him as a neighbor and proud to have him as a friend, but I DON’T want him managing my baseball team any more. Ten of our fifteen defeats can be traced directly to bad decisions he has made in the late innings about who to pitch and pinch-hit in given situations. And of course hindsight is 20-20, but when he made his moves I was screaming at my TV “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” before the poor nature of those decisions made themselves apparent.

Wow… I thought “icdumbpeoples2” had some interesting things to say — but then he responds like that?

Sorry “icdumbpeoples2” you lost all credibility with those bizarre comments… “Woody” must have been right in his assessment of you…

The management is strangely silent. This club is not playing big league ball and making high school mistakes in the basics of the game. Acta ought to be throwing chairs and chewing their assses out when dropping balls, playing singles into triples, not having your sun glasses on, and throwing home run balls every game. Acta needs to get tough fast and tell these guys this crap is unacceptable at this level or he is going to be replaced before the week is out. Billy Martin where art thou?

It’s easy to blame the manager/coaching staff when teams don’t play well, but the bottom line is the Nats pitching is plain awful. The Nats had money to make a play for Mark Texiera but didn’t do anything to strengthen the pitching staff. That’s where the changes need to be made. Managers that yell & screem make for good news clips but frequently don’t get results. If the Nats get some major league level pitching I think we’ll see improvement.

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