Acta glad front office supports him

Last Sunday at Nationals Park, acting general manager Mike Rizzo said he and the front office continue to support manager Manny Acta despite the team’s slow start.

Acta said those sentiments are often expressed to him on an everyday basis.

“Nothing has changed here, the way Mike, [team president] Stan [Kasten] and the ownership group have treated me. I don’t see any difference,” Acta said. “I appreciate and I like working with Mike. He is very professional.

“All I can control is my attitude, the effort that I give and try to put these guys in situations where we can win on an everyday basis.” 

Acta is in the last year of his contract, although his option could be picked up after the season.     


need Acta out Ned Yoast in

He should be glad, that’s a fact. Question is: How misguided is the management for continuing to have that faith in him.

are you kidding me. manny acta is a moron. kearns and dunn in the outfield nice defense moron. his pitcher will end up with a era of 2 runs higher than last year. bring back milage play defense MORON

I have had it with Manny Acta. It is time to replace him now. Almost every loss we have suffered this year has happened after Acta started playing manager, pulling pitchers who were getting guys out and replacing them with wild men.

Tonight, when we had an 11-9 lead over the Phillies he pinch-hit for Kip Wells who was getting everyone out and was still fresh. He put in Mock, who is an average AAA pitcher, and then the unreliable Hanrahan, who has no business being anybody’s closer. These were not decisions most real managers would make.

The Nats have gone from below average to very bad to worse under Acta. We now have the talent to be winners but the manager to keep us in the cellar.

I like Manny Acta as a human being. I think it’s time we got a manager, though. Acta out, Yost or anyone else in. Hey, what’s Davey Johnson doing these days?

And I know you like St. Claire, Bill, but something’s very wrong with our pitching and I think the actual pitchers are better than they have performed, and I am afraid that St. Claire provides the common bond.

My heart belongs to the Nats, but they are breaking it into tiny little shards now and it has got to stop.

That’s an 11-SEVEN lead over the Phils, not 11-9 as my fingers typed. We didn’t NEED to pinch hit at that point for a pitcher who was getting outs (Kip Wells).

And I’ll never forget the game we could have won, bases loaded, one out in the 8th, and Acta actually elected to pinch-hit Josh Bard for the clutch-hitting Wil Nieves. I was screaming “NOOOOOOO!” at my TV at the top of my lungs.

And to add insult to injury, we had Flores and Dukes on the bench at the time, available to hit.

Acta, like I said, is a very warm, optimistic, intelligent, soft-spoken, wonderful human being. I would love to have him as my neighbor and as my friend. But guess what? At 4-14, the glass is NOT half-full.

I hope these expressions of support from Rizzo are the classical “vote of confidence.”

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