Rizzo: No regrets fining, benching Dukes

Nationals acting general manager Mike Rizzo said on Tuesday that he doesn’t regret benching and fining center fielder Elijah Dukes on Saturday.     

Dukes was scratched from that day’s starting lineup against the Marlins and fined $500 for being five minutes late for work.

Dukes was late because he was at a Little League function that was not sponsored by the Nationals. The problem the Nationals had was that Dukes never called anyone from Rizzo to manager Manny Acta to say he was going to the event would be late for workouts.   

According to the Washington Post, the Great Falls Little League is in the process of raising the money, plus $1 in “administrative expenses” to pay Dukes’ fine. 

“I haven’t read who is favoring whom, but I did what I thought I had to do for the best 25-men in the clubhouse. I stand by it,” Rizzo said.

Rizzo declined to talk about the Great Falls Little League paying Dukes’ fine.   


Typically disfunctional Management

i dunno why you’d blame the management on this one, Dukes didn’t tell anyone about where he was which is why he is the one at fault, and it wasn’t charity work because the little league paid him money to come. Even being paid the major league minimum, Dukes shouldn’t of asked for money to go to the function, he should use the 500 he made from the little league and pay the fine. The front office would of been more sincere if they were told in advance of the function by Dukes, and who knows, might of donated money to the little league if they had known about it.

I still don’t get it. I understand the team concept very well and the need to not let 1 member’s action undermine the interests of the rest of the team. However, I’m confused on how this 1 member’s action, being 5 mins late to rally a group of little leaguers, so undermined the team that the other players interests had to be protected by management? So is the message from the team’s management this: Our players only support kids or youth baseball that the team management has approved? Or, the benevolent action of this 1 player towards youth baseballers undermined the capalistic interests of the rest of the team. In either case, I don’t think the name “National’s”is appropriate as that implies a team for the people; not a team for the
the “approved” sector of people, or the team for those willing pay and pay now.

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