Nationals support Manny Acta

Entering Sunday’s action, the Nationals were 1-9 and already 8 ½ games behind the Marlins. The slow start has not hurt manager Manny Acta with the organization.

In fact, acting general manager Mike Rizzo said he and the organization support Acta, who has a 133-200 record in two-plus seasons with the Nationals.

“I support Manny Acta and so does the organization,” Rizzo said. “He is our manager and a good young manager. I think he has handled the young ballclub right.”

Rizzo said the Nationals are still rebuilding and there is going to be some growing pains. Rizzo was a member of the Diamondbacks, when they lost 111 games in 2004, and he said the Nationals are ahead of schedule when it comes to the rebuilding process.     

“[The Nationals] have a very young ballclub in the Major Leagues, which we didn’t have in Arizona. That’s what I take from that [’04] season.” Rizzo said. “Last year, we ended the season as the youngest team in the Major Leagues. We are still one of the youngest teams in the Major Leagues. We are building and it’s a slow process. … It’s a slow step-by-step process. We are moving in a right planned-out direction.”       


Manny Acta should be fired! Penalizing Elijah Dukes and threatening him to minor league status for showing up 5 minutes late after doing charity work for the Nationals shows extremely poor judgement that can explain such a dreadful 1-9 record. What was the penalty for Acta for letting a couple of team members go out in the field with misspellings of “Natinals” [sic]. Not paying attention to important details is another sign of what’s wrong with the team manager. Manny Acta needs to work on his own skills and should be back in the minors until he shows some improvement in his judgement and observation skills!

I respect the persons opinion that was the first comment. However, I respectfully disagree with it. Manny Acta is a first class, person that cares about the Washington Nationals. The was he treated Roger Bernadina yesterday was awesome to watch. He showed true leadership and compassion for his injured player. I realize that does not translate into wins on the field, but I am almost certain that the players will go out and give 100% effort for Manny Acta. The wins are going to come for this team, and the wins will come a lot sooner than later. As far as the misspelled jerseys…please, that is nothing at all. Why in the world would he be even looking at the front of the jersey…Why didn’t the player notice it when it was put on. Give Manny Acta the remainder of at least this season. The Nationals have lost some true heart breakers against the Marlins and the one game against the Phillies. A few pitches here and there and the record would be much, much better for the Nat’s. If that was the case, no one would be demanding he be fired.

I have my reservations about Acta. How do you take out Elijah Dukes in the 8th inning and leave Adam Dunn in and call it a defensive move?

And isn’t about time someone question Randy St.Clair and his illustriopus work with our pitching staff?

Manny Acta….nice guys finish last saul rivera your washed up…..joel hanrahan go back to trying to be an effective setup guy and someone please go get me pedro martinez

Obviously Rizzo needs to join Acta, Ladson and St. Clair as a member of the former Washington Nationals club. Enuff said.

Rizzo was part of the 2004 Diamondbacks that lost 111 games? I am seeing a pattern here.

Fire Rizzo, Acta, and eveyrone else associated with managing this team since 2007, and bring in Willie Randolph to manage and Frank Robinson as General Manager. They are proven winners in the NL East, and they know the NL.

Acta may be a nice guy, but he’s been given way too many chances!! You can’t fire the team (although I wish we could), so fire Acta NOW! CLEAN HOUSE LERNERS, if someone was managing your commerical real estate projects with this kind of performance, they’d be looking for jobs elsewhere.

Once again, Willie Randolph Manager, and Frank Robinson General Manager! They are both available…make it happen PLEASE.

He was also a part of the 2001 Diamondbacks who won the World Series. He also brought the D-Back’s farm system from 27th in the league to 1st. It’s not easy to win when your bullpen keeps giving up late-game runs. If you blame anyone, blame the bullpen, not the management. He can’t go out there and pitch for them.

The National are very sad team, the Manager has a record of 133 wins and 212 losses. He has not been able to motivate his team, this team has no confidence what so ever and that reflects their manager. The Lerner group is a
joke. The expos were at least competive….

It’s really nice reading from all of the experts that want Manny fired and Rizzo (on the job for what, about a month now) fired. And these people can barely spell. If you are such an expert, then why are you not running a MLB team? Well?

Yes, it’s frustrating that the team is not winning. But going into the season we knew we had a young team. This is what young teams do; they drive you nuts for a year or even two. Look at Tampa!!!!!

Go Nats!

Another frustrating loss for the team. I could hardly believe that Manny brought in Rivera for the close. I already knew the outcome based on his previous two outtings where he got slammed(2 hit batters 2 homeruns, then the loss in the 11th) Maybe a trip down to AAA is merited after the last 3 games. Give someone else the chance to come up and prove their worth. I am trying to have a positive approach to this horrible start but I am finding myself getting more and more frustrated with each game. I see the plan but it seems that no one can make it work like it should. I guess in the business world which in reality baseball exsists in, then you have to look at management as the reason for our failure.

Poster writes “these people can barely spell.” You mean the Rizzo’s staff who put Nationals players in uniforms where they couldn’t spell “Nationals” correct CAN spell? Please, give me a break. I will bet all of the posters here CAN spell the name of the actual team, huh?

Sorry – Mike Rizzo needs to catch the next Amtrak back to Philadelphia, and Manny Acta the next Amtrak back to NYC. We need someone leading the team that knows and cares about the DC fans. As for Rizzo and Acta – the message from the fans should be to head to Union Station and “all aboard.”

You got me on the spelling! My message was show some patience. The Philly fans wanted Manuel gone after 07. How did 08 work for them? Which pitcher should Manny have used today? How many times did Manny leave the bases loaded this series? Patience, remember Joe Gibbs started 0-5. Maybe he should have been fired too.

Mike Rizzo should be given the General Managers job. Bowden totally screwed up the Nationals. Give Rizzo a few years and the Nationals fans will have something to really cheer for

If we lose three to the Braves Manny done.

Here we go as usual with the Washington faithful. Have to win now! Look at how well that has worked for the Skins. Take a page out of the Caps book and give them time to build.

There is no point removing Manny right now. This is a young club and will experience growing pains. It’s the 2nd week of the season for crying out loud!! And if they dump Manny, who else you going to bring in?? Sounds like there might be a player revolt as well.

Still think this is a 75 win ball club this year. Take a look at who their first 11 games have been against. 6 games against the Marlins, who have owned them over the past 25 games, 2 against the World Champions and 3 against an improved Braves club.

All you nay-sayers need to take a breath and give this club a chance. If they drop another 100 games this season, you can make an argument for dumping Manny. Until then, Chill the F out!!!!!

Rizzo needs to Gizzo! If Rizzo thinks Acta can manage and the Nats are “moving in right planned-out direction” then he is an idiot. If the Lerner’s feel this is a move in the right direction then maybe they need to sell the team and invest in something else because they obviously don’t understand baseball. Since when in any pro sports organization is moving in the right direction consist of a 1 and 10 record to start the year, and lets not forget the last several horrible seasons. If I’m not mistaken the best year the Nats had was their first year. Oh yea they had probably the most veteran players then also. Hey look Nats front office you can’t have all babies on the team. You need veterans the young ones can grow with and learn from. Babies can’t learn from babies. Lets face face it Rizzo and Acta both need to be released NOW!

Not counting the 1st series with Florida, I feel this team has played well, apparently not well enough to win, but I’m optimistic. Its a young club that needs to learn how to finish. The moves Manny /Rizzo just made, I hope we’ll be able to closeout a few of these close games. Starting pitching is comming around, middle relief is steady, need someone to step up and closeout some games. Frustrated yes, I live in Georgia (have to hear that Go Braves crap all the time). “Go NATS”

As a fan of the Florida Marlins, I can appreciate your growing pains. Please take a look at where the Marlins were in 2005 and the progression this franchise has made in the last two years. You have to develope a farm system or a very keen GM. Everyone knows Bowden was the problem. Look at the mess in Cincinnati. I do not know much about Rizzo, but let him be there for a couple of years and let him develope a farm system. You develope a farm system and then mix 3 or 4 veterans, a receipe for success. A right step is signing Ryan Zimmerman to a long term contract.

Geez, it looks like the same ol’ days for this ballclub as the the Senators in Griffith and RFK Stadiums – empty seats, bad talent, etc. I saw ESPN lowlights and there couldn’t have been 5,000 in the seats in the latter innings. Bud Selig didn’t do MLB any favors by putting a third franchise in Washington D.C. It never has been a baseball town and never will be. MLB was better off leaving Montreal where they were or moving them to Portland. Implode that franchise now before it gets any worse.

At a minimum, St. Clair needs to go. If management insists on staying with Manny, then at least address the horrific pitching problem over the last season.

“Sorry – Mike Rizzo needs to catch the next Amtrak back to Philadelphia”

Rizzo isn’t even from Philly. Learn your stuff before saying anything. And for the missing “O”, Zim and Dunn did that because the game before they lost the “0” as in they won a game.

So there you go, you just got out geography’d and just plain out witted.

I think Manny needs to go back tot he minors with his guy Miledge. I think sometimes favoritism clouds Mannys judgement. Also how many more bad calls is it going to take before Manny shows some passion. And I don’t believe he has to argue every call, but when you are in the second game of the series and more bad calls are coming just has the night before, you need to step up and show the fans, your team and the umps that you care.

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