Dukes late for work; New lineup for Nationals

Nationals outfielder Elijah Dukes has been scratched from the lineup because of a violation of an undisclosed rule, according to a team spokesman. But a baseball source said that Dukes was five minutes late for work.   

Anderson Hernandez — 2B

Nick Johnson — 1B

Ryan Zimmerman — 3B

Adam Dunn — LF

Josh Bard — C

Austin Kearns — RF

Roger Bernadina — CF

Alberto Gonzalez — SS

Scott Olsen — P



Dukes was 5 minutes late for doing charity work for the Nationals, working with little league. I wonder how many times an executive for the “Natinals” [sic, imagine that this manager let his players appear in in a uniform with this misspelling] has been 5 minutes late to a meeting. I guess charity work doesn’t count as pressing business, nor does good public relations for that matter with a team that’s 1-9.

yes here is manny acta once again trying to be politically correct, a strong disiplinarian and the true leader of our ball club,only one mistake manny…DUKES IS OUR BEST PLAYER!

Acta’s hissy fit over a player, Dukes, who has had a difficult life and is trying to reform, is beyond insensitive, it should be a firing offense. The Washington Nationals will soon need to change their name to the Washington Generals because Acta is a loser. Dukes was doing charity work FOR THE TEAM. All this demonstrates is that Manny Acta is not a leader, he is a bully. If the front office lets him manage through April, they deserve going deep into the triple digits with losses. If they can’t win on the field, at least Washington could show some class by actually supporting their own charity work–by firing their immature manager.

CLASSLY ORIGINATION, NATIONALS…. Yea you don’t have to look at the standing to know what place this origination belongs. I was watching another game on MLB.TV online when I heard the announcer talking about this current story. I was angry when I heard this story, when you have one of your players taking time out of his schedule to sign balls and bats for a little league team and arrives 5 minutes late and you fine him and take him out of the line-up that day. In today sports you have players involved in shootings, drugs, and more and when someone steps up to try to do a good thing you do this. This just shows what kind of origination you are and you deserve to be in last place with act like this. Please get some class and do the right thing say you were wrong and move on. This is how this should have been handled by a team with class, you have a meeting and say “because of the situation we are giving you a verbal warning or writing for being late and don’t let it happen again.” You have to be able to flexible for situation like this. If you are a Nationals Fan you have to say something to your team. If you don’t you deserve to have a last place team.


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