Bernadina placed on 15-day disabled list

Nationals center fielder Roger Bernadina had to leave Saturday’s game against the Marlins because of a fractured right ankle suffered in the top of the eighth inning.

After the game, Bernadina was placed on the 15-day disabled list. He is expected to miss at least two months — maybe more.

With Nationals left-hander Joe Beimel on the mound, Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla hit the ball to deep center field. Bernadina made a nice running catch before slamming into the wall and hurting his ankle.

Right fielder Austin Kearns was seen calling for help, and Manager Manny Acta and head athletic trainer Lee Kuntz came to Bernadina’s aid. A few minutes later, Acta helped Bernadina into an ambulance.

“When [Bernadina] asked to get help to walk off the field, I knew it was bad,” Acta said. “It’s a [fractured ankle]. We’ll have more information, but he is going to be out for a while.”

Meanwhile, the Nationals will recall outfielder Justin Maxwell from Triple-A Syracuse.


But what a throw he made! From his rear, with a broken ankle he hit the cut off man, and they just missed getting the runner going to third. This is going to be another season to applaud those who make plays above and beyond. Their play keeps getting shadowed by the negatives.

Roger Bernadina is making a name for himself with his speed, and what a throw today! He finished the play despite the injury. I would love to see him become an everyday player. He needs some work at the plate, but this guy is an impact player. This guy has potential to rival Rickey Henderson stealing bases! Trade Dunn gimme Roger in Center Dukes in Left and Kearns in right.

Trade Dunn and keep Kearns in right? What is the obsession with Austin Kearns? Granted, he hit a money maker today…but geez, he is so inconsistent and unreliable.

This is not the first injury associated with tangling with the space between the botttom of the wall padding and the ground, at Nats Park. Why is there a space, seems like the thing to do is run the padding to the ground or raise it 6 inches so feet do not get caught.

I never saw the game, but I’m sorry to hear about Bernadina fracturing his ankle. trwithers, what are the other instances you were talking about? Is it a common problem at the Nationals outfield wall?Ash

I wonder if Hanrahan can play center field!

i wounder if joel hanrahan can close out games,sorry for bernadina but great call on bringing up justin maxwell he has been here before give him some decent oppurtunities to play in the outfield and hit at the dish and we will say…..austn who? josh what? lastings when?

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