Two questions for you

I have two questions to ask you:

* Are you satisfied with Lastings Milledge as the center fielder? Please explain.

* Did you think Lastings Milledge should have caught the inside-the-park home run by Emilio Bonifacio on Monday?





1. Not satisfied w/ Milledge at CF.

2. No, shouldn’t’ve caught it.

Milledge is not the player he was made out to be. His offensive production is pitiful. He does have very good speed but you can NOT steal first base. I have it from a reliable source that another outfielder has volunteered to play center field to help the team. The fly ball in question definitely should have been caught. First of all Milledge should not have been playing in so much against a guy with that much speed because it opens up gaps between the outfielders. Secondly the route he took to the ball was not a direct route. If he had run to the spot where the ball came down he could have made the catch. Play someone else in center field.
I also hear that they are shopping outfielders on the open market!

I am unimpressed with Milledge in center. Strong defense up the middle is what makes great teams and Milledge just doesn’t have it. Poor instincts. That being said I like Milledge and think he would be fine in one of the corners.

As for the homerun, I don’t know. Probably not. I think it’s easier to blame Milledge than admit that Bonifacio is better than you think.

I think the sample size is too small to fairly judge Lastings right now. Sports lends itself to snap judgments, but it is a long season and we can afford to take a longer look before throwing him under the bus.

And I think there is no we he “should” have caught that ball. If he had been playing differently, it’s possible he could have caught it, but positioning is as much on the coaches as it is on the player and I have no problem having him play in against the normally light hitting Bonifacio.

– Toby

Satisfied?? I’d chalk it up to Opening Week jitters, if we’re talking about the inside-the-parker on Monday. But the OTHER botch-up (Tuesday)?? Not paying attention, Lastings!!!
How am I gonna explain it, Bill?? YOU’RE the fricking beat reporter…YOU explain it!!! LMFAO
I don’t know. IS it “reverse karma” (as Shelley, a.k.a. Diamond Diva, calls it), or just a harbinger of what we Nats fans should expect for yet ANOTHER season??
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

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