Hernandez update; Milledge fined

Manager Manny Acta said Monday that second baseman Anderson Hernandez’s left hamstring is getting better. Hernandez was able to run sprints, run backwards and take groundballs on Sunday.

Hernandez, who hit .276 with four RBIs this spring, strained his left hamstring running to first base in the sixth inning against the Braves on March 25.

About two minutes later, he had to be helped off the field. Acta said the injury could have been more serious if Hernandez continued to use the leg after feeling the initial pain, but the second baseman was seen hopping on his right leg.

There is no timetable as to when Hernandez will have first a rehab assignment. Once he is activated from the disabled list, he will be the everyday second baseman, while Ronnie Belliard goes back on the bench.

“He is doing much better,” Acta said of Hernandez. “He will probably play a few games in Florida, extended spring training.”

In other news, center fielder Lastings Milledge was fined an undisclosed amount of money for missing Acta’s pep talk to the team on Sunday afternoon, according to three sources. Milledge, who participated in practice that day, was in the starting lineup in Monday’s season opener against the Marlins.


Evididently, the whole team missed Manny’s “pep” talk. I’d love to hear a pep talk from Manny. Guy has no fire.

Evididently, the whole team missed Manny’s “pep” talk. I’d love to hear a pep talk from Manny. Guy has no fire.

Evididently, the whole team missed Manny’s “pep” talk. I’d love to hear a pep talk from Manny. Guy has no fire.

Evididently, the whole team missed Manny’s “pep” talk. I’d love to hear a pep talk from Manny. Guy has no fire.

Milledge is not a lead off batter. Lead off batters need to get on base, not swing for the fence every darn pitch. Rick Henderson was a once in a lifetime phenom. Milledge is not “Ricky”, that’s for sure. He has no patience at all. He came out of his cleats on the first pitch of the game. And he has no respect for Manny or the team. How can you miss a meeting before the opening game? He should have called a meeting on the inside-the-parker that flew over his head and rolled to the fence as he crawled after it. If Manny wants to keep his job he better put Dukes, Maxwell, Bernidina,Harris, or Willingham in CF. It’s not like he dosen’t have a real centerfielder. I don’t think any of those guys would have played that poorly. I’ve lost respect for the dude with the dreds.

Um, it was opening day. Way too wait 15-20 games to give a guy a chance. We have too many outfielders, everybody knows this. Milledge doesn’t appear to be a true center fielder which was already known. But let’s wait maybe a few games before we call for his head.

Hopefully Kearns can show enough pop that we can trade him sooner rather than later. We’re not going to be that good at defense again this year. We just don’t have that make up right now. Let’s get the best nine out there for a while and sprinkle in the youngsters along the way. I’d love to see JMax playing center but he hasn’t shown enough/been healthy enough to make me say Milledge should be in the corners instead.

The goal as I see it is that they went out to improve their offense. Would it be great to have somebody else leading off? Sure but who? Guzman. Ideally you’d like to have a speedy batter with a good eye who takes pitches leading off. Maybe we don’t have that this year so we go with the 9 best players.

There’s a very good chance we could lose 100 games again but everybody piling on after the first game is a little absurd. Yes Dukes and Willingham need to get reps and if this was the A.L. with the crappy DH rule, they would right out of the gate. But it’s not, this is the N.L.

We’re tougher.

Three seasons ago (Manny’s first season) I heard one of his press conferences. At the time I wrote a comment and called into a local radio show that Manny just did not project an aire of confidence when he speaks. At the time I was told to just give him a chance, it was too early to judge him. Again I just heard Manny speaking and again I have to say he just does not seem to have the personality to motivate or instill confedence. I have to believe his pep talks are presented with the same lack lust enthusiasim he displays in his “public” speaking. Maybe he has to breath a little fire and brim stone once in awhile. Maybe he should take a public speaking course or attend some “business” oriented motivation presentations.

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