The Natinonals' starting lineup against Marlins

Lastings Milledge — CF
Cristain Guzman — SS
Kory Casto — 1B
Austin Kearns — RF
Corey Patterson — LF
Wily Mo Pena — DH
Willie Harris — 3B
Anderson Hernandez — 2B
Wil Nieves — C

Right-hander Shawn Hill will get the start



any chance the Nats can trade Wily Mo for one of TB’s starters (Niemman or Hammels)? Get WMP to AL so he can DH and mash, and get another arm for Nats.

And with rumors that Pedro Martinez price tag is down to $2.5 million, Can Nats jump (pay a bit more) and snag him?

I think it will be a wacky year in NL East. Hamels for Phils may be hurt, Johann Santana ?. If nats offense clicks whihc I think it will we will need 60r 7 SP to make it through season. Pedro could help teach the young guys. Can’t force these young guys to carry the team all year.

We need pitching!

Is Guzman okay? Why was he pulled so early? Thanks

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