I can dream, can't I?

There has been a lot of debate about who should be in the Nationals’ starting lineup this year. I’m going to give you my starting lineup. Tell me what you think and give me your starting lineup.

Willie Harris — CF
Next to Nick Johnson and Adam Dunn, Harris is the most patient hitter on the team. Let’s not forget that Harris is an excellent defensive outfielder. But the team still looks at Harris as a fourth outfielder.

Cristian Guzman — SS
He did a nice job batting second last year, hitting .311 with seven home runs and 36 RBIs.

Ryan Zimmerman — 3B
This is the year he is going to put it together. He’ll drive in 100 runs for the second time in his career.

Dunn — IF
This organization still hasn’t recovered from Vladimir Guerrero’s departure. Will Dunn be the difference maker Guerrero was with the Expos? It’s hard to tell. Give me until the All-Star Break and I’ll let you know. Dunn must cut down on the strikeouts.

Johnson — 1B
You have to cross your fingers that Johnson stays healthy all year. He has played only 38 games the last two years. When he’s healthy, it’s almost certain that he’ll be on base twice a game.

Elijah Dukes — RF
It’s a no-brainer that Dukes should be the regular right fielder. He is the most complete player on the Nationals.

Jesus Flores — C
He is the regular catcher as long as he stays healthy. By the way, it’s a no-brainer that Wil Nieves should be the backup. Nobody is better behind the plate than this guy.

Anderson Hernandez — 2B
I felt there was no need to consider Orlando Hudson because the Nationals already have quality second basemen in Ronnie Belliard, Hernandez and Harris. All three players bring energy on the field. But I have to go with Hernandez because his glove is so special. Defense wins ballgames and a lack of it was one of the reasons the Nationals lost 102 games last year.              


Totally agree Wil Nieves should be the backup catcher! I can’t believe they’re seriously considering Valentin (and I’m not sure they really are seriously considering him). So you’d go with Harris over Milledge? Next post – what’s your dream bench made up of the leftovers? Willingham’s not hitting so far this spring.

Sure hope Nick can stay healthy this year. I totally forgot to mention him on WaPoLive the other night and am kicking myself.

What are the team’s plans for Josh Willingham? As a Marlins fan, I was a little upset to see him go. He does have an injury history with his back, but when he is healthy he is a productive hitter. Is he being given a chance to start? I know the Nats have about 6 outfielders, but he has the talent to be an everyday player.

Willie Harris was great last year, but there is no way he should start.

Cristian Guzman — SS
Lastings Milledge – CF
Ryan Zimmerman — 3B
Dunn — IF
Johnson — 1B
Elijah Dukes — RF
Jesus Flores — C
Anderson Hernandez — 2B

Here’s my lineup:

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