Martis will not play in World Baseball Classic

Nationals right-hander Shairon Martis has decided not to play in the World Baseball Classic, which starts on March 3. The news comes a day after teammate Roger Bernadina announced that he, too, would skip the Classic.

Martis is currently on the provisional roster and was expected to be a major player for the Netherlands.

Martis, 21, decided to stay in Nationals camp because he was told he has a good chance of making the 25-man roster.

“When I came to camp, they team told me I had a great chance to make the team, so that’s why I decided to stay with the team and see what happens,” Martis said.”Right now, [the Netherlands] don’t know that I’ve made this decision. When they find out, it’s going to be hard for them because they were counting on me. I want to play with them. I want to play in the Classic, but I better stay in Nationals camp.”


1. Lannon
2. Hill (Sounds like he may be healthy)
3. Olsen
5. Balester

1. Mock
2. Bergmann
3. Hinkley
4. Rivera
5. Shell
6. Young
CL. Hanrahan

Who is Martis gonna beat out for a spot????


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